One moment, One meeting -

Each precious moment makes Madoka, “Madoka”.



Madoka was born in 1981 to music-loving parents whose taste ran from classical music to rock’n roll. At the tender age of three she took her first violin lessons with Professor Eiichi Shirai.

Madoka was immediately attracted to the violin and would often play duets with her piano-playing sister. She began playing in orchestras while still very young, developing a love for the entire spectrum of instruments. 


In 2004 Madoka received her Diploma in violin from the University of Arts and Music in Tokyo.

Following her graduation, she focussed more intently on the baroque violin as her main instrument under the guidance

of Professer Natsumi Wakamatsu.

 Madoka was soon in demand as a baroque violinist and began regularly

performing with Bach Collegium Japan, Orchestra Libera Classica and many others in Japan.


In 2006 she completed her thesis on the famous violinist and composer HIF Biber and was subsequently awarded a Diploma

of Baroque violin. In same year, she was highly praised for her performance of Mendelssohn’s violin concerto with the Leipzig Chamber Orchestra.


Her intense interest in baroque music brought her to Belgium where she continued her studies under Professors Sigiswald

Kuijken and Mira Glodeanu.  Her studies were supported by scholarships awarded by both the Japanese and Belgian governments.

In 2009, Madoka completed her studies with a Diploma from the Royal Conservatoire in Brussels.


Madoka is currently engaged with many groups throughout Europe and in Japan (see “activity”).