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DUO HILDEBRANDT  Violin - Madoka Nakamaru    Harpsichord - Wouter Dekoninck

Since 2011 Madoka and Wouter have shared a unique musical vision which they have been able to bring to life through the Hildebrandt Consort in the form of original projects including outstanding transcriptions and new compositions by Wouter Dekoninck. In order to explore this journey even further they began a duo in 2014, recording an album of Bach’s Sonatas for Harpsichord and Violin, released in 2016 by Organroxx. Recently their tours in Japan (2019 and 2020) were highly acclaimed.

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J.S. Bach


J. S. Bach  Sonata in A major, BWV 1015

J. S. Bach  Sonata in C minor, BWV 1017

J. S. Bach  Sonata terzo a violino solo (largo), BWV 1005

J. S. Bach  Sonata in E major, BWV 1016

J. J. Froberger  Meditation sur ma mort future

W. Dekoninck  Sumida flower

Dance travel

H. Schmelzer   “Sonata Quarta“ from  Sonata  unarum fidium

F. Couperin   “Septième concert“ from

Les Goûts réunis ou Nouveaux Concerts

L.Couperin  Prélude non  musuré en Fa majeur

A. Corelli   La Folia



G. F. Handel  Suite HWV433   &  E. Ysaÿe : Sonate Op.27  No.4 

Handel  Prélude , Fugue - ​Ysaÿe  Allemanda​ -Handel   Allemande​- Ysaÿe  Sarabande​ - Handel  Courante, Gigue​ - Ysaÿe  Finale

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